Please follow OSHA/AORN industry standard care and maintenance guidelines in order to protect your surgical instrument investment. We recommend the use of only stainless steel instruments for surgical procedures. Always process and sterilize new instruments prior to use. Proper care and handling will extend the useful life of your instrument inventory.

1. Rinse thoroughly all contaminated instruments after use, to remove blood, tissue, etc. Use PH neutral distilled water and enzymatic cleaner when soaking instruments. Refer to A.A.M.I. Standards and Recommended Practice, “Safe Handling and Biological Decontamination of Medical Devices in Health Care Settings”, ANSI/AAMI ST35:2003.

2. Inspect instruments carefully for proper functionality. Remove any instrument in need of repair or replacement. Do not re-use damaged instruments or those beyond their useful life.

3. Clean instruments either manually, using a PH neutral detergent and a soft bristle nylon brush (do not use steel wool) or with ultrasonic cleaning, which is a very effective method of debris removal. Always be sure to separate dissimilar metals.

4. Lubricate all hinged (screw and box lock) instruments with non-silicone, water based instrument milk.

5. Autoclave instruments using AAMI ST79 standards. Pre-vacuum steam, 4 minutes at 132°C/270°F,

20 minutes dry time. Gravity displacement steam, 15 minutes at 132°C/270°F, 15-30 minutes dry time.

Download Detailed Care and Cleaning Guidelines Here

Hinged instruments should be sterilized in the open position; protect sharps. Do not cool instruments quickly; follow manufacturer’s instructions and never overload the autoclave chamber. Clean regularly.

If staining or discoloration should occur, feel free to contact us for assistance.

6. Store instruments carefully in a clean and dry environment. In a procedure tray, place heavy items on the bottom of the sterilization container with more delicate instruments at the top.

Never immerse Tungsten Carbide instruments in cold sterilization solution.

Use instruments only for their intended purpose.

Contact us for your authorized medical supply distributor if your ANMUTH brand surgical instruments require repair or refurbishment.